De Lima orders NBI to investigate Binays

Justice Secretary Leila de Lima entered the scene in investigating the alleged corruption in Makati City as she ordered the National Investigation (NBI) of probing the controversies involving Vice President Jejomar Binay, including his family and his friends.

The camp of the Vice President through spokesperson Cavite Gov. Jonvic Remulla. Jejomar Binay said that it is a sad day when the Department of Justice (DOJ) is part of the political circus.

Just after Binay met with President Noynoy Aquino, De Lima issued the order, noting that the Ombudsman Field of Investigation Office was also conducting a fact-finding probe of the allegations and corruptions against Binay, his family and friends.

“We will be doing this investigation as a sort of parallel investigation to the one being conducted by the Senate blue ribbon committee and the Office of the Ombudsman. All the numerous allegations and information which former Vice Mayor Ernesto Mercado and others said in the course of the Senate blue ribbon committee inquiry and those that they have not told yet will be investigated,” De Lima said.

The order of De Lima sparks from the current Senate blue ribbon sub-committee investigation on the Makati Parking Building 2 in which Binay is being dragged on the anomaly and overpricing.

Furthermore, he has now been accused of several controversies including his alleged 350-hectare hacienda in Batangas that is worth around P 1.2 billion.

As the senate probe gets deeper, witnesses are talking more about Binay’s involvement in other projects.

Former Makati Vice Mayor revealed in the senate committee that the Binays were using dummies to hide their ill-gotten wealth, including the “Hacienda Binay”.

De Lima said the investigation would be quiet, as she would not recommend charges against Binay and would just refer the findings, along with the pieces of evidence to the Office of the Ombudsman so that questions about the Vice President’s immunity from suit would be avoided.

“If he has nothing to hide, Vice President Jejomar Binay should welcome the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) investigation with open arms, Justice Secretary Leila De Lima said Friday. “Rather than question the Department’s jurisdiction and priorities, the Vice President should instead directly confront the allegations on the systemic corruption of Makati’s procurement system.”