What’s next for AlDub fans? Maine Mendoza-Alden Richards breakup

What’s next for AlDub fans? Maine Mendoza-Alden Richards breakup

There’s a time for everything. A time to rise and a time to fall; A time to unite and a time to part. Everybody comes into realization that the fairy tale story of AlDub has found its end. While the story of Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards, popularly know as AlDub, was only for for television set, millions of fans worldwide were hoping it to be forever.

Alden and Maine were unintentionally paired on July 16, 2015 episode of Eat Bulaga’s segment “Juan For All, All For Juan”. The pairing created a “kilig” moment for the fans and the creator of the segment allowed the two to blossom as a tandem or even love team.

Millions of people in the Philippines and around the world started to be fascinated by the loveteam as Twitter catapulted the popularity of the program by trending almost daily worldwide. The romantic excitement through Maine and Alden enticed the viewers in a daily basis. It was even called the “AlDub Fever” as the prominency of the loveteam soared like nobody had thought.

AlDub reached its peak on October 24, 2015 episode of Eat Bulaga when more than 55,000 people filled the Philippine Arena for a concert. In this moment, Alden and Maine performed live in a romantic and dramatic scenes. This day also marked the time when Yaya Dub opened her lips as the people roared to hear her voice. Moreover, the it reached 39.4 million in 24 hours on Twitter and it remains to be the most tweeted in history in 24 hours, hashtag #ALDubEBTamangPanahon.

After several months, AlDub slowly lost its grip to the fans. Though everything was done to make the segment interesting, it seems that the fans lost their taste. The rating slowly dwindled until Alden and Maine have to go separately to create their own identity.

While the fans want the fairy tale story to become a reality, Alden and Maine are thinking differently. Despite of those romantic moments in live television set, they never attracted to each other. Or we can say that AlDub was just a phenomenon with a time table and that could easily be broken.

As of now, the news in the past weeks swirled around Maine who is being linked in real life to Arjo Atayde. Maine even admitted that they are dating. Absolutely, this killed the imaginations of many who longed for Alden and Maine to be forever.

What’s next for AlDub fans?

For the millions of AlDub fans out there, let go of them. If Alden and Maine are happy with what they are doing separately, then let’s also have the smile. While they are not meant for each other in real life, let us still support them in their individual careers. Let’s be joyful for we became part of the greatest loveteam fans ever!